Male tiger takes care of his four cubs and teaches them to survive after the death of their mother

In tiger families, mothers are responsible for the care of their cubs. After the birth of the babies, they live with her for 2 years, mastering the abilities of hunting and survival, and then they live on their own.

They are fed, taught to keep their existence in dangerous surroundings.

Considering that animals grow up faster than us, it’s quite a lot of time for tiger cubs to live with their parents.

But from the day the mama tiger passed away for unknown reasons at a sanctuary in May this year, the father tiger has displayed “exceptional behavior”, taking care of 4 tiny babies beyond its usual role of defender.

Reserve staff watched as the tiger hunted a deer and shared the body with the cubs. He also regularly communicates with his babies and calls them after him. It’s for sure very surprising behavior demonstrated by the father tiger.

Sanctuary director Uttam Sharma says 8-month-old cubs are closely monitored by conservationists.

They now look healthy and energetic and there is no indication that they are under any distress.

“The tiger visits the cubs regularly and his attitude demonstrates that he is not a threat to them.

We saw the cubs playing with a male tiger who constantly shares prey with them, ”says Uttam Sharma.

Did you know that tiger cubs stay under the care of their parents for 2 years?

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