Bear and wolf’s incredible friendship in the wilderness of Finland forest captured by photographer

Meet Lassi Rautiainen – a wildlife photographer from Finland who captured the unusual friendship between two different species. The photographer went to Northern Finland and surprisingly met a duo of friendly animals.

This time the incredible bond is shared between a bear and a wolf. As Lassi says nobody knows how this friendship is possible. Maybe these two were all alone and young, uninformed about how to survive by themselves.

It looks as if they feel safe together.

The man is 56 years old and his only purpose is to aware people of the beauty of nature. He brings humans closer to it. Lassi is taking photos, writing articles and books in order to create a bond between mankind and wildlife.

He assures us we are safe in nature. His efforts and dedication have made a huge difference in people’s minds and worldviews.

Thanks to his invaluable work, many places in Finland have become famous. Tourism has immediately improved as well.

Again, in the interview Lassi mentions how rare thing is the friendship of those two beasts. He continues his important work and discovers new and new miraculous phenomena in nature.

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