Runaway dog Rajah spooked by the sound of fireworks came back home and rang the doorbell at 3 AM

Everyone who has pets knows or should know that the fireworks make their beloved pets nervous. Of course, a fest is not a real fest without a firework, but the owners of pets should be ready to help their pets to overcome the worries with the sound of fireworks.

The case happened in the surrounding of South Carolina, a day before July 4. The fireworks began to go off.

The dog named Rajah got frightened by the sound of fireworks and ran away. Her fur-parents Ryan Washick and Mary Lynn Whitacre ran after her, but, in vain, they lost her. They started to look for him everywhere in the neighborhood, but no result.

They even asked people in their post on Facebook to help them find Rajah, who probably could be near Heritage Lake.

The dog was microchipped, so in case of finding the dog, people could see their phone numbers on her tag.

Until late night, the couple continues to search the dog by driving street by street. Again, no result. Eventually they come back very tired in hope to start new searching the next day.

Suddenly, at 3 AM, their doorbell rang. Who could be there such a late time? And, surprise! They found on the front of their door their runaway dog. Later, they saw on the footage of the ring cam how Rajah was ringing with his nose the doorbell.

The dog was really frightened and sad. She looked like she wanted to say sorry for the happened.

Ryan and Mary were surprised and very happy. They just wondered how their dog could know about the doorbell ringing. As they moved in very recently, and Rajah has been often at home.

They also have used their doorbell very rarely. Rajah is a smart dog, that’s it.

This case may be a good reminder for those who has pets. Compared to humans, animals have the ability to hear differently. They hear sounds louder than people. That’s why they are frightened by the sounds of fireworks or gunshots. They can also lose their hearing.

If you have pets, please, do the followings to help them out during the festivities:

Distract them with treats and toys.

Go for a walk a bit longer time than usual, so that your pet get tired at fireworks time.

Let your pet be in a safe place.
Play a calming music.

And, eventually, just love your pet and be next to him or her, as they are very gentle creatures.

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