Retired vet Lincoln Parkes makes carts for poor disabled dogs giving them a chance to run again

92-year-old vet Lincoln Parkes has devoted more than 60 years of his life helping disabled animals to walk again.

Though his is already retired, he continues building wheelchairs for poor dogs, thinking that no one can give them such a chance.

Lincoln Parkes has a merciful, big heart. He has loved animals his whole life.

It was in the beginning of 60s, when he started to make carts.

One day, an owner of a dog brought his injured by car accident dog to his clinic.

The dog couldn’t walk, and his owner was desperate. He started to cry, as soon as understood that nothing can help his beloved companion. He had nothing to do but to put the poor dog down. But Lincoln gave him another solution.

He offered to build a wheelchair, which could help the disabled dog to walk again.

Of course, that was the best solution and also a new idea for the kind vet to start this new undertaking.

He did it with great love and passion. Lincoln continued doing this wonderful job even when got retired.

Every time, when he put a disabled dog in a cart, his heart filled with joy watching how the dog started to walk using his front legs. He realized he gave an independence to each injured dog, and that was very important for him, giving a better life to the poor animals.

He is glad to be useful even after his retirement. Tough, because of his age now he works a little slowly, but he keeps doing his beloved job.

His reward is the joyful faces of the owners of the dogs receiving a new life with his help.

Many people are now willing to contribute animals, inspired by the kind action of Dr. Parker.

Learn more about this kind man, watching the below video!

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