Poor Old Lady Helps Single Mom Care For Newborn Baby on Plane, Gets 100 Roses after Landing

A single mom decided to return home to her parents after her boyfriend left her with their newborn child. On the plane, a poor old lady assisted her the entire time, only to get 100 roses after landing at their destination.

Gwen was a 22-year-old single mom who ran away from home when she was only 19. She fell in love with a boy from summer camp, and the two eloped.

Ever since she was a teenager, Gwen had been quite the adventurous girl. She had electric blue hair, a tattoo sleeve on her arm, and several piercings on her body.

Her eccentric taste matched her then-boyfriend Matt’s lifestyle. He was a self-proclaimed rockstar, working as an electric guitarist for a rock band that had gigs in bars and small theaters in his hometown.

Gwen’s parents never approved of Matt, primarily because of his carefree way of life. “You’re not going to get anywhere in life with him as your partner,” Gwen’s father warned her.

Their disapproval of Matt caused Gwen to rebel even more, to the point that she decided to skip town and live with Matt. Gwen’s parents were devastated and tried everything they could to get their daughter back, but she wouldn’t budge.

“If you can’t accept Matt, then just forget that you ever had a daughter! I’m out of here!” she yelled. “I’m NOT coming back, and I’ll prove to you that I can live without you!”

Gwen’s parents couldn’t bear the thought of losing their only daughter, so they let her be. They assumed she would come running back to them if anything went wrong.

Two years later, when Gwen turned 21, she discovered she was pregnant. The news was too much for Matt to handle because he thought having a baby at such a young age would ruin his dreams of becoming a famous rockstar.

“I can’t have a child, not at this age! It’s going to ruin my career!” he told Gwen when she revealed she was three months pregnant. “You have to put that child up for adoption. There’s no other option for you,” he demanded.

Gwen was surprised to hear such a reaction from Matt. She was mortified about being a young mother, but she thought she would find comfort in Matt’s support. She was wrong. “How can you say that so easily? This is your child!” she argued.

“So? I’ve already told you I’m not ready to be a father. Don’t make this such a big deal. If you plan to put up with this, you have to choose. It’s either the child or me,” Matt challenged.

Gwen sobbed upon hearing this because she had given up her whole life for Matt, only for him to betray her that way. She hesitantly agreed to adoption, hoping it would be enough to make Matt stay.

When it was time for her to give birth, Matt was nowhere to be found. She rushed herself to the hospital by hailing a cab and labored on her own.

After hours of excruciating pain, Gwen gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, and as soon as her child was placed in her arms, it was love at first sight. “Hello, my love,” she whispered between tears.

At that moment, she knew there was no turning back. She was ready to trade her entire life for the boy she was carrying and accepted that it was time for her to break up with Matt if it meant having her son in her life.

Matt never visited Gwen at the hospital. When she returned home with their son, he was playing video games on the couch. Upon seeing the little boy in her arms, he scoffed. “Get out.”

Matt thought Gwen would put up a fight and beg him to take her and their son in. He liked the idea of being superior, having Gwen at his mercy whenever he pleased.

However, he was dumbfounded when Gwen nodded in agreement. “I’m only here to get my things,” she told him casually. “We’ll be out of your way before you know it.”

When Gwen finished packing, Matt had already left for his gig. She sat on the couch crying for a couple of minutes, in disbelief that her boyfriend of over three years didn’t even try to fight for her.

Gwen not only lost the love of her life, but she had no idea where to take her son. Desperate for help, she decided to call her mom.

“Mom,” she cried as soon as someone picked up the phone. “You were right, mom,” she sobbed.

“Gwen, sweetheart? Where are you? Are you alright?” Before Gwen could answer, her son, whom she named Chase, started crying in the background.

“Is that… is that a baby I hear? Do I have a grandchild?” her mom asked, her voice breaking as she spoke.

“I’m sorry, mom,” Gwen sobbed. “Matt wanted me to leave my son, but I couldn’t. I knew I couldn’t give him up as soon as I held him in my arms. Now we have nowhere to go,” she cried.

“Honey, of course, you have a place to go. Come home to us. You are always welcome here. I’m going to book you a ticket home right now. Can you catch a ride to the airport?” her mom asked.

“Yes, mom,” Gwen said. “Thank you. I’m really sorry.” She continued to cry.

After a couple more minutes of talking, Gwen hailed a cab to the airport and brought one carry-on luggage, a diaper bag, and a stroller she managed to get at a thrift shop on the way home from the hospital.

Chase was fast asleep during the entire cab ride to the airport, only to wake up and cry while they were waiting to board the plane.

Gwen tried her best to soothe him, but he wouldn’t stop crying. She rocked him back and forth, trying to shush him, aware that more and more people were looking at them.

“Does that mom have blue hair AND tattoos?” she overheard a concerned woman tell her companion.

“How is she fit to care for a child? She looks like a child herself,” the companion replied.

While she was on the verge of tears, an old lady suddenly came up to her. “My darling, there you are! Let grandma help you with the baby,” she said, opening her arms to take Chase.

Out of options, Gwen gave in and handed her crying baby to the old woman, who introduced herself as Barbara. “I could see the terrified look in your eyes,” she told Gwen. “It’s tough dealing with a newborn. Don’t worry, sweetheart; you’re doing great,” Barbara assured Gwen, who was still about to cry.

“Thank you so much,” Gwen replied. “I really appreciate this. I just gave birth a couple of days ago, and I’m new to this motherhood thing.”

Upon hearing this, Barbara was determined to assist Gwen. She put Chase back to sleep and sat beside Gwen as they waited for their boarding call.

Before getting on the plane, Gwen called her mom and told her that they were on their way. “A kind old lady at the airport offered to help me with Chase. She’s beside me right now at our boarding gate. We’re on the same flight,” she shared.

“Oh, that’s great, honey. I’ll be there when you land, okay? Have a safe flight,” her mom replied.

When they got on the plane, Gwen was given priority seating in front because she had Chase with her. Barbara asked the man next to her if they could exchange seats, and he gladly obliged.

They sat beside each other on the three-hour flight, taking turns feeding the baby and changing his diapers. While Chase was asleep, Gwen revealed her life story to Barbara, admitting that three years ago, she ran away from home to be with a boy.

“I’m returning home because my ex-boyfriend forced me to give up our child. I didn’t want to. My mom was right all along – my ex-boyfriend wasn’t a good man. I should have listened to her,” she said.

Barbara approved Gwen’s decision, telling her she had made the right choice. “Your mom will always want what’s best for you. She was only looking out for you when you thought she was going against you. I’m glad you two are going to see each other again.”

Gwen nodded, saying it was about time she apologized to her mom and dad for everything she put them through. “You are a good person, Gwen. Your parents will surely appreciate the gesture,” Barbara told her.

After a couple of seconds of silence, Barbara spoke again. “I haven’t seen my children in years,” she admitted. “My husband died a couple of years ago, and since then, my children just stopped visiting. They don’t bother sending me flowers on my birthday or cards during Christmas. They message me.” She sighed.

“I miss them, but I’ve learned not to expect anything anymore. I guess I’m meant to live alone for the rest of my life,” Barbara painfully said.

Gwen felt terrible for the old lady because she had such a pure heart. She knew how good of a mom and grandmother she was, based on how she took care of Chase from the time they met at the airport.

After they landed, Barbara walked alongside Gwen towards the terminal exit. Gwen slowly made her way toward her mom and gave her a tight hug. “I’m so glad to be home, mom,” she told her.

Her mom hugged her with one arm. She was carrying a massive bouquet of roses in the other. “This is for your kind friend,” she said, gesturing towards Barbara.

Gwen beamed at the enormous bouquet of a hundred red roses. “Mom, it’s like you can read minds! Barbara had wanted flowers for years!” she exclaimed.

Gwen’s mom walked up to Barbara and handed her the bouquet. “Thank you so much for helping my daughter. I wish I could have been there for her, but I’m glad someone stepped in and became a mother figure when I couldn’t. Thank you. You are like her angel,” she said in tears.

Since that day, Gwen continued to keep in touch with Barbara. She wanted to make sure that the old lady never felt lonely, so she invited her over on special occasions and even on random weekends.

They became a happy family, and Chase grew up with not just one doting grandmother but two.

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