Family Thinks They’ve Found Their Missing Dog: It’s The Biggest Mistake They’ve Ever Made

In Brazil, the members of a family were heartbroken after losing their dog. A few days later, they finally found him.

Well, that’s what they thought.

When José Eduardo Millani Ramos went for a walk with Ikki at the end of January, he had no idea of ​​all the twists that would await him next.

The dog, which trotted behind him, vanished to the chagrin of its owner.

I felt bad when he disappeared, said the man to the Dodo, I felt like a part of me had been taken away.

I needed to know what had happened to him.

José and his loved ones started looking for their beloved 4-legged friend in the streets.

Alas, Ikki remained untraceable.

Finally, after 2 days of intense research, the family received good news. A post on social media said a stray dog ​​had been rescued.

The members of the household recognized the spots of their canine partner.

It was José who went to retrieve the animal.

I shouted his name and he ran towards me, he explained, he kept licking me.

The canine, very dirty but healthy, was wagging its tail happily. Returning home, he behaved perky, playing with his relatives.

Only here, despite these touching reunions, there was a hiccup.

José noticed that some spots that covered his back did not match those that Ikki sported: the dog he had brought home was an impostor!

Although shocked by their discovery, the Ramos decided to keep the canine they named Paolo. As the real Ikki was still missing, they resumed their search.

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