Pregnant pig rushes from factory farm to safely give birth to her litter in the wood

Mother’s love is the most powerful not only among people but also among animals. They always instinctively do the right choice to keep their babies safe. This love refers to a mother pig that escaped from a factory farm to give birth to her litter.

Gladly, she succeeded!

A dog walker was walking in the woods of Nottinghamshire, England when she saw a strange scene: a pig nursing her newborn piglets. She was confused to see ordinary pigs in the wood. She wondered how the animals were in the forest.

Then this woman called Brinsley Animal Rescue to inform about the unusual sight. The rescuers realized that the pig came from a nearby factory farm.

They understood that the pig intended to escape from the farm and give a safe birth to the piglets. As they explained, maternal instinct made her do so.

The adorable piglets were all healthy but the momma pig was too thin and was not able to get food due to the ring hanging from the nose.

Afterward, the rescue team named the pig Matilda. Soon they started a campaign to set free Matilda and her babies and take them to a sanctuary.

Fortunately, the farm owner agreed to concede the pig family to the charity organization.

She is a very good mother! There is no need to worry about the piglets anymore!

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