Here is one of the bewitching beauty of the animal planet most charming Bengal cat Thor

Rarely can you meet someone who loves such a dangerous mammal as tiger.

Though they are very scary, anyway there are probably some people loving tigers because of their beautiful fur.

So, if you are afraid of these big cats, you can surely love small ones like Bengal cats.

Look at this beauty. Doesn’t it remind you of a tiger? But this one is not dangerous, even more, everyone would be glad to have such a pet at home.

It is Thor, who bewitched many people with its charm. This Bengal pet is a star on Facebook and Instagram. He is so famous that have more than 220,000 followers.

Look at the green eyes of this cute cat. Everyone would be happy to have such a nice creature at home. How lucky are the owners of this beauty.

This Bengal cat has a gorgeous coat:stripes in black and orange, eyes in green color. Fantastic!

Only his perfect appearance could be a reason to love this cat. And how he is perfect in action, when he plays and moves very energetic. Surely he adores belly rubs, as every pet in the world.

These Bengal cats are not only beautiful, but they are very smart, alert, confident. They usually have medium size, though it may happen bigger as well.

If you have a look at Thor’s pictures you can see there not just a simple cat, but a great model, as well.

Who wants to be in the place of the owners of this cat? It’s just a pleasure to look at him.

Last year, during his 7th birthday celebration, Thor received so many comments and nice words. So many followers expressed their admiration and warm love for this beauty.

Surely, Thor deserves all that attention.

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