Two abandoned lion cubs rescued by a man recognized him after meeting him seven years ago

There are many devoted people over the world, who dedicate their lives to animal protection, rescue and care.

Nothing can be strong and beautiful than a tight bond between a human being and his or her animal.

This story is a proof of the extraordinary ability of animals expressing their gratitude to all those, who has helped them.

Meet Kevin Richardson, a big animal lover, who rescuing two lion cubs has farmed an amazing relationship with them.
Kevin was a worker at the Lion Park, who was a witness of a tragic moment, when a lion mother giving birth two wonderful cubs refused to take care of them.

He rescued the refused newborn lion babies, bringing them to the rescue center in South Africa, where they were put initially in cages.

But Kevin had an opinion that these wild animals should grow up in the wild, in freedom, so they were released into Wildlife Park.

The Park’s vision of raising these wonderful cubs was with the help of the following method, to let them grow without human’s assistance, independently.

Seven years later, after this decision, Richardson intended to come back to the same place, where the lion cubs were released.

He had a great wish to visit the grown up lions, Meg and Amy. It was very interesting if they will recognize him or not, will they remember the man who once rescued them giving a second life chance.

Anyway, he risked and approached them, capturing the touching moment on the camera.

There was a little pond. He entered into the water and slowly walk forward, where was standing the grown up lioness, who was looking at him.

Kevin was sure, she trusted him. Suddenly something miraculous happened. Meg jumped over her rescuer, giving him a hug.

With this it seemed she wanted to say, that she recognized him, she welcomed him. This was so inspiring. He now, for sure, could call these lions his real friends.

Later, after this, Kevin founded Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary, which became a home for more than 3000 lions of different ages.

Watch the heartwarming scene here:

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