A 12-year-old boy scout used his knowledge to help a woman and her injured dog: He saved them

Little Hawaiian David King was just practicing to win a new medal in his scout group. He never imagined that during his training he would save a couple and his adorable puppy.

It is common knowledge that one of the basic teachings scouts acquire in their first training sessions is rescue missions. This was demonstrated by David King, who with only 12 years saved a couple and his dog who were in trouble on a lonely hill in Hawaii.
One of King’s hobbies was completing achievements in his Scout group and receiving recognition for it.

In the purest style of Russell in the animated film ”Up”, the little boy scout already had a collection of decorations in his band and wanted to expand it. To do this, his next challenge was to complete a trekking trail.

As practice makes perfect, King asked his mother to accompany him on a short tour of the Waimano trail. This would help you with training him to achieve his goal. Everything was going well until, when there was only a little left to finish the trail, they met a couple and their dog.

“It was not obvious (that something was wrong) but then I saw that the dog was lying on the ground,” King said in conversation with CNN. Thanks to the strange position of the canine, it was that the little Hawaiian and his mother consulted the couple if they needed help.

That’s when they realized the reality: The couple was lost. They had decided to take a short walk with their dog, but inevitably ended up not knowing where they were. To add more problems to the situation, Smokey – the dog’s name – had injuries to his legs and could no longer walk.

Smokey is a pit bull and weighs is approximately 45 kilograms. This made it impossible for the owners to carry it while figuring out how to get off the trekking trail.

It did not take long before King, the boy scout, a particular memory came to mind: His brother, who is Aguila category in the scout group, told him that if he needed a stretcher to carry someone.

Only two tree branches were enough and wearing the clothes on to tend to the person. That was exactly what the little boy did.
At first, the lost couple doubted that his furry friend would like the idea of ​​being transported on this rustic stretcher.

“The dog was so tired that he was happy to get on the stretcher and be carried,” said King, the little hero, in his interview with CNN.

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