Little stray puppy chases police officer down the street and begs to be adopted

Policemen are real-life heroes because they keep us safe and sometimes they put their lives at risk. These men can also be very caring, as in the following story.

That day two policemen were guarding the streets of the city. Then they noticed a very tiny pup wandering the streets of Los Angeles. When the little one noticed the cops, he immediately followed them, and it seemed as he was begging for a home.

At first, officers thought the puppy might be lost. Then it turned out that he doesn’t have owners and lives on the streets. Fortunately, he met the right people as the officers were too kind to him.

Officer Tavera’s heart melted when he took the tiny doggie in his palm. He realized he has to save the pup. The two cops took the animal to their police station to found a shelter for the dog.

But things changed during the travel! All the way to the police station the little pup couldn’t stop cuddling and hugging the officers. One of the cops was so touched by the attitude of the pup that decided to adopt the baby.

The officers gave a name to the dog – Hobart. Although Hobart is very small in size, however, he opened his big heart and boldness. He was brave enough to stay alive on the streets!

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