She’s over ninety, and she’s in salons. The famous actress will soon be a hundred

This summer, the legendary Italian film actress celebrated her 94th birthday, although it’s hard to believe, because the actress looks much younger.

The filmography of Gina Lollobridida begins with “The Black Eagle” in 1946, continued the list of cameo roles in “Love Drink” (1946), and “Crazy about Opera” (1949).

The pictures were directed by Mario Costa. The film “Pagliacci” (1948) by the same director solved all of Gina’s financial difficulties, she managed to sign an expensive contract.

The film star is a frequent guest at various social events, which makes her fans very happy.

We would like to note that Gina is always on top, with her hairstyle and makeup — everything is at the highest level!

Gina’s fans always speak of their favorite actresses with warmth and love: “What a gorgeous!

She is so full of life and the desire to live!”, “Beauty. Here’s a real woman.

She’s over ninety, and she’s in salons!”, “Keep it up, Gina! Super!”, “How do you say that the actress will soon be a hundred?”, “Goddess! Incredible charisma woman!”, “What a madam!”.

Until now, the talented actress is engaged in sculpting sculptures, photography and music making, loves spending time with her grandson.

Lollobrigida believes that the time has not come to grow old and is going to live up to 113 years, like centenarians in Sardinia.

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