Disturbed and loving mother cat did everything to rejoin her little lost kittens

Mother love is a strong power, whether it refers to human beings or to the animal world.

This story is about a mother cat’s love, who did everything to join her little kittens.

One day, early in the morning, when the workers of Mill Road Vet Clinic in Whangarei wanted to open the clinic’s door to start their daily work, they were astonished finding something in front of the doors.

It was a box with four little kittens about four weeks old. They took the abandoned kittens in without hesitation.

The staff just fall in love with them, they were so pretty and helpless.

After checking them out, one of the workers, Nicole, decided to take them home to take care of them overnight.

The next day, another interesting thing happened.

That morning, the security officer spotted a tabby mother cat hanging around the front doors of the clinic.

Every time, when the door was opened, he was trying to enter into the clinic.

When the workers of the clinic saw that the cat had no intention to go away, they picked her up in.

Soon they up discovered that the stubborn cat is a feeding mom.

So, they understood that it’s the lost mother of the four kittens they found the day before, which were obviously not abandoned.

Apparently someone left all of them, but the mother cat might get frightened and escaped, later, probably, spending her night looking for her little kittens.

The mystery has been revealed. As everything was clear, the staff let the mother meet her kittens.

The reunion scene was so touching. They all were so happy.

Fortunately, they were all soon adopted by a member of the vet clinic.

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