Groomer opens salon in the middle of the night to take care of stray dog ​​in deplorable condition

When Kari Falla isn’t taking care of her clients’ dogs, she lends a hand to abandoned animals. One night, she performed a remarkable act for one of them.

Some people go for anything out of love for animals. Kari Falla, who runs a dog grooming salon in Seminole County (Florida, USA), came to Lucky’s rescue.

The poor wandering canine dragged a shapeless mass of tangled hairs. His catastrophic condition alone indicated that his past was certainly one of the saddest.

He was discovered in the street by a Good Samaritan. The latter posted a message on Facebook for help. No one knew how Lucky got into such a situation … Either way, he had to be saved.

Grooming lasted 3 hours

When Kari Falla saw the post on the internet, she immediately decided to reach out to this poor animal. “I contacted whoever found the dog and told him to meet me in my living room at midnight where I will groom him for free,” she told Dodo.

The groomer was shocked by the dismal condition of the quadruped. In addition to having matted fur, it smelled bad, had difficulty walking, and was infested with fleas. But Kari Falla has absolutely not given up. On the contrary, she was determined to give him a second wind.

After 3 hours of work and an invigorating bath, the good soul released Lucky from her burden, which endured the long and arduous process without complaint. “He was so grateful and happy that we took care of him,” explained the professional. “It was like he knew we were helping him. ”

The dog not only left his heavy and dirty coat behind, he also let go of his past. Thanks to the young woman, he received a real makeover.

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