The 4-month-old calf on the way to slaughterhouse manages to escape into the forest and finds refuge in a deer family

Bonnie, a 4-month-old calf, lived with other animals on a farm in upstate New York.

And everything was fine until their owner suddenly died.

Then the relatives decided to sell the farm, and all the cows were loaded onto a truck to be sent for meat.

However, on the way, little Bonnie managed to escape into the nearby forest and stay there.

Months passed, and soon the locals began to talk that this calf was unusual.

First, they can’t catch him.

Secondly, she managed to spend the winter in the forest, earning her food.

Thirdly, she survived among wild animals and predators.

And fourthly, she even managed to become a deer!

Yes, the cow lived in a herd of deer. And they thought she was one of them!

“When the cameras captured the life of the calf among the deer, everyone was amazed,” said Meredith Turner-Smith from Farm Sanctuary, an animal rescue organization. – Bonnie ate, ran and slept with them in the snow. A real Bambi, only of cow origin!”

But despite such a survival rate, it was clear that the harsh winters did not give strength to a small cow. She needed help, otherwise her health could greatly deteriorate!

Then Bonnie’s neighbor on a former farm, a woman named Becky, decided to apply her approach to the calf.

On the coldest winter days, she went to the forest and left haystacks, water and other necessary things in the meadows. Gradually, the woman gained Bonnie’s trust and she allowed her to approach her.

It was then that Becky called the animal rights activists from Farm Sanctuary to help!

The volunteers built a fence, lured Bonnie there – and with Becky’s help, they managed to get the calf to their ranch.

By the way, it took two weeks, during which three attempts were made! Only the last one was successful.

Finally, the cow gave up her wild life, got her hair cut and gradually stopped being afraid!

Now she has at her disposal a full food feeder, a warm barn and friendly horned neighbors.

She still misses her deer friends (after all, she spent 8 months with them, besides, they saved her from loneliness and death!).

We wish our traveler the warmest days! And may she never have to run away from people again.

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