Unusual friendship of Japanese diver and his best friend fish already longs for 25 years

No one would ever be surprised to know that a dog or a cat might be a best friend to a human being for many years. But I am sure, the majority of us won’t ever imagine a strong bond between a man and a fish.

It turns out that there is actually been such a friendship between a Japanese diver and a fish for over 25 years.

It all has begun when the diver Hiroyuki Arakawa had a task to watch over a ‘torii’ which is a sacred shrine to the Shinto religion.

The site has special spiritual importance, so the man had to go down the sea frequently to check the condition of the site.

As he was continuously doing it for a long time, he ended up recognizing the sea creatures living there.

The diver named a wrasse fish – Yoriko. This is the particular fish, the diver shares a special friendship with.

Maybe it may seem doubtful, but these two always enjoy their time when meeting each other. And this friendship has scientific proof.

It turns out that fish can recognize people. According to research, fish could differentiate between two human faces. Then the scientists printed the two human faces in black and white, but still, fish can recognize a specific person with 86% clarity!

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