Kind man notices baby deer in the middle of lake and reunites it with its mom

A man named Justin Royal from Austin, Texas loves sport fishing. one day he was trying to catch a big fish when something unexpected happened.

A poor thing was struggling in the middle of Lake Travis. The man approached the creature and couldn’t believe his eyes when seeing a deer baby sinking in the lake.

He knew the poor thing couldn’t make it to the shore, so the nice man decided to help the deer to reunite with its mom.

As it turned out later, the baby deer was scared of a barking dog and rushed into the water, considering she can reach the other shore of the lake.

Justin finally caught the deer and wrapped her in a blanket. The little buddy was too exhausted and people thought she might be passed away.

But Justin knew she was just very tired. The animal was laying there on the boat until they reached the shore.

Justin couldn’t leave her helpless and all alone. He decided to take the baby home and help her to recover. In the evening the man took her back to nature and let the already recovered deer find her mom.

At night Justin got assured that the baby deer is safe and is walking with its mom!

What a wonderful story of the priceless kindness of a man!

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