Burned dog hugs his savior vet expressing his enormous gratitude in a special heartwarming way

The sense or ability of gratitude is not only typical to human beings, but also to our best friends, dogs.

This story is a good proof of it, when a rescued dog expresses his gratitude in a touching way.

A fire rescue team receiving a call rushed to the fire scene in West Palm Beach, where they witnessed a terrible sight: they encountered a severely burned dog tied up to a tree.

Badly injured dog was crying of a pain. The firefighter Captain Gregg Gordon cut the loose and took the critically burned dog to the pet emergency center.

The guard dog, named Smokey, was not only badly burned, but he was in stress and very confused.

Not only Smokey, but the vet staff, was struggling for his life. Dr Latimer, a wonderful vet, examining the poor dog, found terrible burns on his backside. But he was sure that Smokey will recover.

During the weeks, Smokey received blood transfusions, daily bandage changes and other necessary treatment.

Thanks to the loving and patient care and endeavors of Dr Latimer, Smoke’s health state became stable.

When he first arrived at the JPESC, he was stressful and frightened, but, as he was surrounded with kind vet and nurses, he began to trust them and became calm and self-confident.

Captain Gordon paid often visits to Smokey, and one day he decided to take Smokey home temporarily, trying to foster and continue his healing at his place.

A week later, when Captain Gordon brought Smokey to the rescue center for his treatment, everyone witnessed a something heart melting scene.

When Smokey noticed his healing vet, he immediately jumped and gave him a hug.

He recognized the kindhearted man, who not only rescued his life, but gave him his loving heart, care and comfort during all those weeks of treatment, and in this way, he wanted to say him-thank you.

Fortunately, Smokey was soon not only fully recovered, but found a forever loving home.

He was officially adopted by another vet Dr Katelyn Thomas, who gave him a new name, Fen.

Now, Fen is enjoying his life with his new human and is, hopefully, very happy.

Watch the touching moment of hugs here:

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