This doggo is 20 years old, who can not sleep a single night without huddling up her beloved toy

Generally, all the kids are used to hug and cuddle their filled toys or soft pillows to have a tight and long sleep. Perhaps, it calms dawn them and helps to feel protected enough to have a long and healthy sleep.

There are many pets, who also have this habit. Nature created all of them with the same character.

So, the hero of this story is just like a kid: she is used to playing and sleeping with her stuffed banana.

Tessa, who is so loyal and has devoted creature to her beloved ones for already 20 years since her birthday.

However, her family members accept the fact, that they can not compare with her beloved toy.

For already five years, Tessa and her banana are inseparable friends.

Her foster, Shanna Loren, brought this banana for her, after another foster doggy had attacked on it.

For everyone it’s just a toy. But, for Tessa, it is the world’s most special and beloved creature.

As Loren told the Dodo, Tessa has instantly taken the toy the moment she gave it to her.

And, now, when a guest comes to their place, Tessa will definitely introduce her favorable treasure.

Even if she is lying on her bed, she will run to the guests with the banana in her mouth to show her special one to them.

And, only after the guests praise both of them with nice words, she can return to her place.

Now, the doggo is deaf, but all those years their friends and relatives have got used to yell et her “I love your banana, Tessa!”

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