Hearwarming photo of gorilla hugging the man who saved her life wins Wildlife Photographer of the Year award

They are the greatest animal lovers, they are patient and ready to spread awareness about the right of animals. They are wildlife photographers, of course.

It may seem as if they do nothing hard – grab a camera and snap an animal but in reality, these guys make many efforts.

They go to dangerous and uncomfy places in order to make great photos and let people be informed about animals’ life and living conditions.

What they get instead as a reward, is the time they spend in mother nature.

Of course, there are reputations and awards that may encourage photographers. Today we will introduce to you a wildlife photographer who won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice award.

It’s a touching story of a gorilla and a man who saved the animal. In the capture, the gorilla is hugging her hero with all her being.

This warm moment was caught by the photographer Jo-Anne McArthur in Cameroon, during taking Pikin to a sanctuary.

The monkey was about to be sold. Thankfully, she was saved by the efforts of a charity group. During the transfer, the animal woke up because the sedation effect passed.

Fortunately, she was in the hands of her savior. So she saw its rescuer – Appolinaire Ndohoudou and hugged him.

This man, in his turn, has his own sad story. He was forced to leave his fatherland and now lives in Cameroon.

This snap taken by Jo-Anne won the award. from 24 images shortlist.

Below you can see the other finalists’ shoots:

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