Wild stallion saves young filly from drowning: heartstoping yet powerful moment

Even though people claim animals are wild creatures, sometimes those wild beasts are more caring and kind than many of us.

Such a wonderful moment was caught on camera by a volunteer called Becky Standridge who was there in Tonto National Forest, Arizona, gazing at the view of animals.

She could catch the dramatic moment – how a wild horse is saving a foal from death. The woman was volunteering next to the Salt River when it happened.

The ranger instantly recognized the animals – it was a famous stallion named Champ with his family.

At first, the family was peacefully eating, then another herd appeared on the opposite bank of the river. Two families started to squeal at each other. Then, somehow Champ decided to cross the river to greet them.

However, the current was very powerful for one of the foals. It started drowning. As soon as Champ saw the little filly struggling, he approached her for help. Thankfully, He gently took the young foal and guided her back to the banks.

Every time animals keep us amazed and surprised by their kind actions!

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