Recovered cat now nurses other animals with diseases and injuries at a shelter in Poland

Some people are superstitious about black cats, considering they bring bad luck. But it has nothing to do with Rademenes – an angel cat.

The black cat was taken to a vet clinic in Poland a few years ago. He had a respiratory infection and almost no chance to live. But somehow he made did through!

After its recovery, the kind cat lives in the shelter, returning the favor by nursing surgery animals.

Lucyna Kuziel – the cat’s rescuer says maybe he knows what is it -being near to death, so the cat does everything to help other animals recover.

There is no difference for the cat what animal is in need, whether it’s a cat or dog, he comes and takes care of it. He gives hugs, comforts the sick animals, cleans and sleeps with them.

Rademenes particularly is attentive to those that are close to death. The vet team jokes that the cat is a full-time nurse even though he is not getting paid for his dedicated work.

The images below show the efforts of the loving cat:

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