Man went into the room to get a sweater, and found a cat with newborn kittens. He owns no animals

British director Paris Zartzilla went to his room to get a sweater and found a cat with four newborn kittens. But he didn’t have a cat. From that moment on, his life turned upside down. Paris canceled all works and was left with fluffy lumps.

He was covered by various feelings and emotions, which he shared on his Twitter page. It turned out to be a very fascinating story of a cat family.

For him, this situation was very unexpected, because he didn’t have animals.

The man awakened paternal instincts that he had not suspected before.

He felt full responsibility and even called himself cat-daddy. He shared his emotions and photos of cute kittens on Twitter.

The man decided to leave the fluffy family at home for a while. But then, perhaps, to give them to good hands.

This cat chose the right place for the birth of her babies. She was lucky that she got to such a good person who reacted positively to the situation. And Paris felt a storm of new emotions and became a real cat-dad of lovely kittens.

How would you react to exploring a cat family in your house? Would you keep them or not?

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