Loving mother bear is patiently playing with her white-colored spirit cub in Canadian Rockies

Wild animals are not just dangerous, they are more protective. When it comes to their offspring, they are so caring. But more than that they are always ready to patiently play with their babies and make a partner in their little ‘crimes.’

Baby animals always want to have fun, run, climb and do some tricks.

In this footage, we watch such a story of a little white-colored bear cub that can’t stay calm and plays with its mother. He wants a wrestling partner, so the patient mom doesn’t let his spirit down and joins the play.

These adorable few minutes were shot on the grassy fields of the Canadian Rockies.

After watching the footage, some experts came to the conclusion that the cub has a special fur coloring. They explain that it’s hardly possible to see such a thing.

Possibly it’s due to the skin pigmentation. They have seen brownish, caramel-colored bears but not a spirit bear that has a white color fur. As you can see the mother bear is a black bear.

Though its white-colored fur has no explanation, the baby cub enchanted us with its uniqueness and energy!

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