The inhabitants of a small town Strout are amazed by the unlikely friendship between a dog Sasha and a duck Quackers

A friendship between two different species always astonished people.

Sometimes these two animals had to be friends in order to survive. But this is not that case.

This time it’s an abnormal bond between a representative of the animal world and a bird.

Max, an adorable husky, was about 5 year old, when his humans, Patrick and Kirsten, adopted him.

The family owned another dog, named Sasha, a friendly husky. These two dogs became quickly best and inseparable friends.

Unfortunately, some time ago, Sasha passed away, which had a bad impact on Max. He seemed to feel the absence of his friend and was very unhappy and lonely.

The empty space in Max’s heart soon was filled by another friend.

Patrick and Kirsten brought a white duck named Quackers, who was that special one that comforted the sad husky.

Max loved the duck as soon as he met him. He sat all the time by the duck and in that way, after a short time, they became friends.

They were all the time together. They nap together, they eat and drink together, they go for a walks again together. This adorable duo also had a habit to hang out along the highway.

Their friendship was so special, that people stopped their cars to admire or take some photos.

So, this unique friendship delights not only Max and Quackers, but, probably, all the habitants of this small town, as well.

Watch, please, these adorable friends here:

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