This very beautiful bird seems to come from a fairy tale having the most bright and splendid coloring

Nature always has a way to surprise us. There are so many animals, birds and fish we admire. Today we will talk about one specific bird that astonishes us with its coloring.

This is the northern carmine bee-eater. Because of the rich bright coloring, many people don’t believe that these are real pictures of the birds. Some say photos maybe photoshopped or exaggerated in a way.

But they actually do exist. Wish you can look at them in reality. It would be an unforgettable memory!

As it is seen, this incredible creature has a reddish coat, green and blue head, throat and belly.

The interesting fact about these birds is that there is no difference in appearances between males and females.

The species originates from Africa and is spread in many tropical regions. They are considered to be endemic habitats of Central Africa. These birds eat mainly bees and also other insects.

It’s pretty uncommon that not only females but also males incubate eggs, feed their babies.

The population of northern carmine bee-eaters is standing and there is no hazard threatening them for now!

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