Brave and cute little fox constantly napping on a tree stump went viral on the Internet

The parents of Sarah Ryan had to be self-isolated in their house in Canada. It seemed they would have a very boring routine, and Sarah was also concerned about her parents’ daily life.

They had no house pet to take care of but something strange happened.

The boring loneliness turned into excitement and enjoyment as the old spouses had something to engage themselves in. Every day a little cute fox would come in front of their window where there is a tree stump.

It was the animal’s favorite napping place.

As later Sarah explains she was concerned about their everyday routine, as they had no pet. But the little fox made a huge and positive change in the time of isolation.

Sarah’s dad initially took a photo of the fox and instantly sent it to her daughter. She was glad to know her parents are having a good time. Soon Sarah decided to share the photo on Twitter and make people smile.

Little did she know the spot would go viral!

As the fox kept on coming and guesting in front of these people, they decided to name it Nezuko. Sarah continued her tweets about the cute animal letting people be informed about the fox.

Once the couple noticed that Nezuko was napping in its place in the daylight. When the man came out of the house, Nezuko woke up, watched at him, and then laid down again. Apparently, the cute one was enjoying its sleep under the sun.

How lucky are these people to have Nezuko beside them!

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