The girl sheltered the puppy and after two hours realized that something was wrong with him. The baby turned out to be seriously ill

The girl fought for the life of her puppy to the last…

Since the girl lost her beloved dog Kuzya, she did not want to have a pet for some time. The dog appeared in her life unexpectedly!

One day Zhenya saw an ad on social networks. People attached two cute puppies-girls. Finally, after the death of her former pet, her heart trembled and she realized that she was already ready to get an animal.

Zhenya took home a cute baby named Dusty. By the way, both attached dogs looked healthy. That’s just the girl’s dog slept a lot, which at first was attributed to stress. But after two hours spent in the house, it became clear that something was wrong with the baby. The worried girl took the puppy to the vet – there was a suspicion of parvovirus!

Zhenya decided that she would fight for the life of the crumb, afraid of losing another pet. She gave medications prescribed by the doctor every day, gave injections and did not leave Dusty’s side a step! The girl managed to save the dog and she is immensely happy that the pet remained alive.

Unfortunately, Dusty’s sister was also sick. Despite all the efforts of volunteers, it was not possible to save her. It becomes clear that Zhenya has done a great job to cure Dusty, doing almost the impossible!

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