A Labrador and a boy with Down syndrome — the dog’s reaction strikes to the core

Most people are not ready to accept children with Down syndrome and try to avoid them. Animals are a completely different matter.

Anna’s son, Hernan, was born special. Mom managed to capture on video a touching moment of communication between her child and a large labrador named Himalaya. The dog behaves very carefully towards the boy, as if realizing that he might be scared. At some point, the Labrador puts his paw on Hernan’s shoulder, as if calming and showing his patronage.

The child first wanted to distance himself from the big dog. But then he began to react to her very calmly and trust her.

«Hernan is moving away from physical contact a little bit. He doesn’t like being touched. But Himalaya was so patient and so soft that the child agreed to friendship,» the boy’s mother said.

Anna edited a small video. The captions to it read «God does not make mistakes,» meaning that children with Down syndrome are not a mistake of nature, but a gift.

«The Creator does not make mistakes and everything happens for some reason,» Anna noted.

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