A dirty puppy was sitting between the pipes. There was no way for him to escape.

One day, on a country road, the driver of the car and the people in the cabin saw huge pipes.

It was a hot day, and the ground seemed dry and hot. In some places there was a rare green grass, as if to show that it was not easy to grow in such heat.

And so, in the sun, among the pipe structure, people suddenly noticed a small puppy…
He was scared and dirty. It was clear that he didn’t like being here, but he couldn’t leave.

Sensing that the dog needed help, the driver stopped and decided to go upstairs to find out what was going on…
Seeing people, the dog hid between the pipes, warning that he was not ready to communicate. But people didn’t give up.

They intended to help the dog. Coming closer, people saw a chain stretched between the pipes.

Its end was connected to a pipe, and the main part was wrapped around the dog’s neck. Everything fell into place: the baby found himself in this inhospitable place because the chain became a trap for him.

It did not let him slip away, firmly stuck in the structure of the pipe.

People were very happy that they arrived on time, because if they had not been on the road, the fate of the dog could have been sad. Now they have the opportunity to save the animal.

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