A 9-year-old German Shepherd has become a caring foster mother for many orphaned fawns.

The object of people’s admiration will always be the unique ability of dogs to be very friendly, caring and loyal.

Their big hearts are open to those who need comfort, care and protection.

This applies not only to humans, but also to other living beings.
The German Shepherd is a gentle dog that sympathizes with orphaned deer.

Its owner is Cheryl Stefan, a woman with a big heart. Over the years, she has adopted many orphaned animals, including several small fawns.

The dog was very friendly and kind to all foster animals. But he especially sympathized with Buckwheat, who was the first orphaned deer adopted by Cheryl.
When Sarge first met this little creature, warm feelings flared up in his heart. He immediately became attached to this deer and quickly became its guardian.

The friendly dog took part in the care of the fawn. He immediately assumed the important role of the «mother» of the fawn.
Wherever the fawn went, the dog followed him, just to make sure that the Buckwheat was all right.

When the fawn grew up and became independent, he decided to get out on his own. The dog had to find it and return it.

When Buckwheat grew up and got stronger, Cheryl had to let him go back into the wild.

This really upset the cute dog. His owner even thought that he would never be as friendly with other animals as with this one.

But fortunately, she was wrong. As soon as Cheryl brought the other fawns to rehab, Sarge showed compassion again.

He quickly became a babysitter for these wonderful creatures.

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