Woman notices her lost dog on a shelter adoption site by chance and finds him after two years of separation

One of the saddest scenarios that may happen to someone who owns a dog, is losing it. You keep on searching for it, trying not to lose control and hoping to find your lovely companion.

This story proves that sometimes miracles happen, showing that lost animals may be found after months or even years of disappearance.

It happened lately, when a woman noticed her dog on a shelter dog website by chance.

Aisha Nieves from Pennsylvania had a pitbull-rottweiler mix named Kovu. She just adored the dog. But somehow a car accident happened while the woman was not at home. The house fence was damaged and later Aisha knew that her dog was missing.

As she tells that when she returned home Kovu didn’t welcome her with a run and kisses like he used to do because he just disappeared. She kept on searching for the dog but with no result.

Weeks passed and Aisha received information about the adoption of his dog. It couldn’t be worse for her. She was devastated but happy for her little companion.

She couldn’t ever imagine that a surprise was waiting for her. It was the least expected way of finding Kovu.

The woman was randomly scrolling the Humane Society’s adoption page when accidentally saw her dog. She could recognize it because of the scar over the dog’s right eye.

Aisha was told that the dog was brought back to the shelter a month ago due to the possible eviction of the present owners.

Now Aisha was afraid of the long-waited meeting with her dog. Maybe the dog wouldn’t recognize her. She was shaking when seeing Kovu for the first time in the past two years.

But soon when the dog saw her first owner, he got enthusiastic and was bursting with joy. He kept on running and cuddling and kissing Aisha.

Now these two are living together as they used to do years ago!

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