Reiss and Hanus two brave police officers rescue the frightened horse during barn fire in Pennsylvania farm

Fires are always unpredictable and very scary. It can make such a panic, that people can not orientate what to do. This is especially typical case for animals. During the fire, sometimes, some animals just stand and do nothing, instead of escaping.

The same happened to a horse from the Farm Red Wing. When the barn was on fire, she did nothing, but to watch. Fortunately, Kristian Hanus and Matthew Reiss, two police officers, hurried to help the horse named Phoebe.

They run in to the burning barn, yelling if there was anyone inside. A woman replied that there was no one in the barn, but only the horse Phoebe, who was standing frozen with fear.

When they entered in to the barn, they realized that they will probably need a teamwork to get out the horse from the burning barn. After being sure that no one is there inside, they started to yell at the scared horse, trying to make her move: horse life is also a life.

With the help of rope and manpower, the officers managed to get Phoebe outside.

Reiss acted very quickly, as he knew there was no time. He put the rope on a horse and tried to move her out. The horse was in safety. Fortunately, she did not suffer and, in general, no one had any serious injury.

Unfortunately, the barn couldn’t be saved, but human life is more precious than any building, and thanks to a few brave police officers a life was saved.

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