After finding her ‘twin’ on a walk dog falls in love and asks mom to take him home

There are many scenarios that may come true when you go out for a walk with your dog. These animals are sensitive and full of surprises! Dogs just adore to go for adventures and make us follow them!

Bethany Coleman with her partner Tyson was moving to Boston with their 2 cats and 1 dog when this story took place.

Tyson was keeping on saying to adopt another dog but Bethany couldn’t afford another dog because they needed to rent a house. Little did she know, she was going to be forced to adopt another doggie!

This family needed just a simple walk with their dog Rogue to change the condition. They were walking around the new neighborhood when their girl noticed another furry creature that looked just like her.

It was the very moment the couple understood they had no way but to adopt the dog.

At that time the stray pup was 8 months old, and Bethany deeply in her heart fell in love with Beast.

My dog and I fell in love with Beast immediately”, she said. ”He has the same face, same body size as Rogue. We wondered if they are real sister and brother.”

Eventually, Bethany didn’t think for a minute and adopted Beast!

Later these pups have got inseparable. They grow together and make a mess all around. But their loving and supporting parents are always there for them!

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