Woman transforms 110-year-old tree in her yard into magical miniature free library which went viral

A woman named Sharalee Armitage Howard took good care of a 110-year-old tree near the house, turning it into an outdoor mini-library. You won’t be able to go there, but it’s easy to take books from there.

This creation looks really fabulous!

Sharalee from Idaho gave a tree next to her house a second life.

The old tree should have already been cut down. But Sharalee was inspired and unexpectedly came up with a brilliant idea.

She turned an old and withered trunk into a mini-library with free books for neighbors, passers-by and just those who wish.

The library is based on the principle of “take – share”.

Whoever wants to read, maybe looking for a special book or a specific author, maybe just to pass the time while waiting for a friend or read in the fresh air – they take it from this free library.

With the support of the Little Free Library, Sharalee was able to turn her ideas into reality. And such an incredible beauty turned out.

This team has helped organize about 75,000 small street libraries in more than 80 countries around the world.

The trunk was shortened and cut from the inside, it was covered with a gable roof.

The book point is equipped with internal and external lighting, thanks to which a magical effect is really created.

Any details are worthy of attention, because everything is thought out to the smallest detail. The same molding above the door is unusual.

They are actually miniature, wood-carved, signed books such as The Hobbit and Gone with the Wind.

After such a good deed, the woman officially joined the Little Free Library union and her construction was marked on the mini-library map.

Sharalee promised that closer to the summer she would add perennials to her book house, paint and finish it.

The miniature library already looks like a real magic house from fairy tales!

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