Homeless dog hangs around car dealership: employees adopt him as their mascot

There are numerous stray dogs surrounding us. All of them need shelter, food and care.

But sometimes these animals get lucky unconsciously being in the right place, with the right people. Today’s hero not just found a place to live but also a job.

A dog was wandering in the streets of Brazil, hoping to find food. He particularly liked to walk around in one place – a Hyundai car dealership.

Soon, he started to visit the salon often and often. The employees of the dealership became familiar with him.

They realized that the dog is not visiting them out of curiosity, nor he would buy a car: he needed food, water and a peaceful place to live.

Considering this, they let him inside and took care of the dog.

In May the dog was adopted by the dealership. The animal has had caring staff around him, food and a warm place to stay. He received all the vaccinations and medical treatment needed.

The dog was given a special name – “Tuscon Prime,” after a Hyundai model and the name of the dealership.

However, every time customers would come to buy a car, they would fall in love with the dog. So the employees realized that the dog can actually become their coworker!

Soon he got a badge with his personal ID and photo on it. He is the sales dog and the mascot of the salon.

The lovely fact about this dog is that people who bought a car in past come to visit Tuscon and give him presents! This gesture proves how friendly and sociable this dog is!

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