Goofy dog Hina is famous for constantly ruining all group photos: all the pictures go viral

Dogs are a source of energy. Sometimes they may act like children. They ruin surroundings, do awkward runs and have a special ability to make a mess.

They can chew important papers and even our shoes, steal our clothing, etc. However, they make us smile with their cuteness and love. This is why people can’t live without these animals.

Speaking of ruining things, we can’t pass through the story of a Shiba Inu dog that is fond of ruining all the group photos.

Every time the owner wants to capture a group photo, the dog named Hina does awkward moves and faces, ruining the beautiful scene with his brothers.

The interesting thing is that while the brothers of Hina are posing for a perfect snap, this playful dog is goofing around. This happens every single time when their human tries to capture a group photo.

Is it possible that the dog is determined to spoil every single photo? One thing is clear, he does a good job!

Animal photography isn’t easy at all, especially taking group photos. First, you need to catch their attention then try to make them familiar with the camera.

But this advice has nothing to do with Hina. You can find out why by looking at her attitude towards the snaps.

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