80-Year-Old Grandpa Builds A Dog Train To Take Rescued Dogs On Adventures

Eugene Bostick, an 80-year-old grandfather, lives in a Texas town where locals are used to left outside their pets on a street. The pets were quit to live as they can on their own.

Eugene and his brother showed up at this point!

“We decided to feed these stray animals, welcoming them in, and getting them spayed and helping them to visit the vet.” “We built a home for dog adoptions,” Eugene shared with Dodo.

Eugene then noticed a man driving a tractor. ‘Wow, that would make a great dog train.’ “I’m a fairly decent welder,” Eugene added, “so I took many plastic pipes with holes in them, put wheels beneath them, and linked them altogether.”

“It all started with my tractor… I’d load up 4-5 dogs and rides them for an adventure.”

“All of a sudden, two more pups appeared. “Oh, there’s not enough space,” I said, “and that’s when I thought of THAT.”

“I’m a fairly skilled welder, so I put wheels under these plastic barrels with holes punched in them…”

“Man, these cute pets get so amazed when they hear me wiring the truck up to it.”

Eugene brings the dogs out at least twice a week!

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