Cuddling lions and playing with tigers this is how the man spends his time and makes money

We know that not all animals are dangerous. Yet, among these creatures, there are some species that humans can play with. Obviously, I am talking about lions, tigers, cheetahs, etc.

Despite their beauty, we can’t approach them, not even to mention cuddle them.

However, this distance doesn’t apply to Armand Gerber and his wife Beatrice. The couple spends most of their time with the most dangerous beasts in the world.

They run a wildlife park in South Africa where 10 lions, 3 tigers, 2 leopards and a cheetah are friendly dwelling together.

As the man tells, all the animals they take care of are captive-born and 90% of them stay under their care. Armand is happy to help the big cats. He wishes he could save all the captive lions in the world.

Armand says these creatures love one thing – cuddles. They are always playing with the kind man.

Armand realizes that it might be dangerous working with predators but he loves his job. He thinks that wildlife animals should be treated with honor.

Though many friends say, Armand is playing with his fate, he tells he does it for living and the passion he has for the big cats!

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