This photographer managed to take the gentlest moment of two majestic owls: look they are so cute

Nature proofs again and again, that all the animals have the soul and heart to love and take care of one another.

Most of us even have not thought how a love and tenderness between two owls will look like.

However, this skilled photographer with his sharp eyes managed to capture and show us the world’s tender and soft moments of a loving couple.

Owls are generally considered to be solitary specie, so it is challenging to spot two of them meanwhile. Especially when they are about to hug and kiss each other.

So, Leslie Arnott from UK, managed to capture that historical moment in a small village of Staffordshire.

The photographer witnessed the perfect moment when the owl pair cuddled each other and kissed twice.

As he said that was an unbelievable moment for him!

The two incredible birds were standing a couple of minutes on a tree branch, and all those minutes they were so tender and affectionate with one another.

As Leslie claimed, the owls were actually not a loving couple, though we thought so.

They were sisters, who gave innocent kisses to each other. Leslie was quite sure of that fact.

They were so affectionate and got on perfect with each other, but they’re certainly not a breeding pair, she reclaimed.

They were just sisters!

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