Man takes his dying dog on one last walk to his favorite mountain: he wants to make him happy

Suffering from leukemia, the days of this pet are numbered. Carlos Fresco, his master then takes him for a last visit to his favorite place in the middle of the hills.

The Labradoodle was able to take this last ride in a wheelbarrow, enjoying one last moment of happiness with his best friend.

Monty, the pet of 57-year-old owner Carlos Fresco, loved walks in the mountains. He is always enthusiastic to explore the world with Carlos, originally from London.

To strengthen their invaluable bond, Carlos and Monty have traveled many times to the summit of Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons, located in Wales, a mountain range in the region.

The duo even reached the three peaks! When he was 10 years old, the Labradoodle was unfortunately diagnosed with leukemia.

The four-legged animal responded well to chemotherapy, but the disease returned 18 months later. Since then, his health has rapidly deteriorated in just eight weeks.

If Carlos made this decision in time, he knew full well that his dog did not have much longer. He then took Monty to his favorite mountains so they could share one last trip together, transporting him on a wheelbarrow.

During his testimony, Carlos says, “He liked walks in the hills. I improvised and took him on a trip around our wonderful beacons.

Even though he was weak, he enjoyed all the commotion and attention received by so many well-wishers. The people on the hills were so nice and just as sad about his deteriorating condition.”

After his fierce 18-month battle with leukemia, Monty finally lost his life on June 21. And thanks to his loving and devoted master, the Labradoodle dog was able to enjoy one final moments in his fav place.

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