Rottweilers save the life of lost 80 years old woman staying next to her until people will come for help

Not everyone is fond of Rottweilers breed. Most people think these dogs are invasive. Actually, they are smart and kind animals. This story proves that Rottweilers can be heroic as well.

Four Rottweilers saved a life of a senior woman who got trap in a school playing field for hours.

Nonetheless, the accident happened on a very cold January night when no one would even think of going out.

However, David Malt with his nephew took his four dogs for a walk. David had to take his pets for a walk at night because of his neighbors who think this breed is hostile. It was 1 a.m. when the man went out for a walk.

Luckily, the territory of the schoolyard was open, so the dogs ran into that place. And what happened next, was an old woman sitting next to trees shivering with her whole body.

The lady was confused and scared. She just didn’t make any noise when she saw the dogs.

In fact, the dogs found her on time because as it turned out she was lost for 15 hours on a freezing winter day. Then, one of the dogs stayed with the lady, barking and waiting for people to come for help.

When David saw the poor woman, he instantly called for an ambulance. She was taken to the hospital. Gladly, the lady recovered.

This story is truly about heroic dogs who have proved to be caring and dedicated to people!

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