Baby and French Bulldog are inseparable sharing not only a special friendship but the same birthday as well

To have a little sweet baby at home it’s wonderful, but if you have two babies simultaneously, it doubled your joy.

And if one of the babies is a cute puppy, it’s just adorable.

There is always a unique connection between dogs and babies, and when you see these both wonderful creatures together, your heart just melt.

There is such a beautiful bond between newborn Dilan and the little puppy Farley.

Not only a gentle friendship union them, but their birthdays, as well. By fate, they both were born on the same day, and they look like twins, as act in the same way.

The 25-year-old Ivette Ivens, who is Dilans mother, accidentally found out that her son and their puppy have the same birthdate.

Then it’s clear, why these two have such a special bond. They are just inseparable.

They actually do everything together. The sweet baby and adorable dog play, eat, chew something and sleep together.

By sleep time, Farley is very cautious not to snore. Though they are on the same age, charming bulldog seems acting like an older brother.

He makes a cleanup after Dilan’s eating, or he licks baby’s face, if he is crying, and then he starts laughing.

This wonderful duo is so happy and joyful together, and it’s a great pleasure to look at them.

They have obviously the purest connection, where there are so much love, care and affection.
Ivette is a professional photographer, who likes to take some wonderful photos of this adorable duo.

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