The motor-biker paused the traffic movement to rescue a little kitten stuck in the center of a broad highway

Once, while other drivers rushing through a wide and one of the busiest roads in Belgium, a caring motorcyclist stopped to help the frightened and confused kitten from being hit by a car.

His head cam fixed the touching reaction of the frightened and hopeless creature.

None of them knew, how the tiny kitten appeared in the center of the road. Perhaps, someone threw her away from home, leaving in the nearest forest, from where she arrived there.

Luckily, Leroy Quentin was rushing to Mons at that time, when he saw the biscuit kitty in the middle of the road.

So, he stopped the motorcycle immediately to reach for the needed help.

Then, other drivers also came to the spot to see what was happening. They tried to cease dawn the traffic not to harm the poor and scared animal.

Leroy speedily pick her up the road and examined whether she had injured or not.

The golden cat was well enough. She was only very confused and shocked.

Leroy was fond of taking the cute creature with him to help overcome the stress she had tested.

However, he couldn’t do that, because of the allergy he had.

Luckily, the other driver was able to pick the golden kitty with him, and carry to the local shelter.

So, due to that warmhearted motorcyclist, the cute animal was saved.

Here, at the shelter, the staff named her Silky, giving her much attention to help her reduce the stress and pain.

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