Women Sleep Better Next To Dogs Than Next To Men, According To A Study

Dogs have long been called ‘man’s best friend’, but as it turns out — they just may be ‘woman’s best friend’. In addition to that…they may also be woman’s best sleeping partner, according to one study.

Dog lovers came together, for a study that brought some interesting results: most women sleep better next to dogs than they do next to cats or a human partner.

962 women in the United States were questioned for the study, out of which roughly half slept with at least one dog, 1/3 slept with a cat and over half of them slept with a human partner.

Those sleeping near a dog reported higher levels of comfort and security, than those compared to women sleeping with a cat or human partner.

This is due to the fact that dogs are seen as protective creatures and can sense danger quicker than cats or humans.

Dogs can also encourage healthier sleeping patterns with their owners. Unlike cats, they spend 75% of the night sleeping and have a significantly lower nocturnal activity level. So basically, sleeping with cat is just as tiring as sleeping with a human partner.

Cats also scored the lowest when it came to feelings of security and comfort. (Go figure)

Are you a cat person, dog person — or ‘human’ person, when it comes to sleeping? Let us know in the Facebook comments!

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