Bear pool party in the backyard of a New Jersey family: momma bear is chilling out with her five cubs

In summer each of us thinks about how to cool off, take a rest and just have a good time. Many people prefer swimming in pools. But it turns out not only humans but also bears love pool swimming.

In this story, something similar happened with a family from Rockaway, New Jersey. It was a usual sunny day for the family when they heard loud noises from outside.

When they went to their backyard, they were stunned to see a family of brown bears chilling out in their pool.

The whole scene was filmed by the woman who was calming her children down. The kids were crying for their toys as the cubs were playing with them and then spoiling the toys.

Momma bear was still, swimming in the pool and letting her five cubs mess around. The little babies were exploring the yard, pulling the items around. They even chew the floats and the balls.

The family was helplessly watching this scene from the house windows.

It goes further and further when the cubs make the playground into pieces. The dad is upset, so do the children. Only the woman continues filming the scene and explaining to her children that they can’t do anything.

While the human family is desperate, the bear family is having fun.

This is nothing but hilarious!

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