Stranded orca is born for the second time after Good Samaritans put great efforts to help him

Nobody will ever imagine seeing a huge helpless mammal stuck between rocks during sailing in the sea. In fact, such an unexpected thing happened on the shores of an Alaskan island.

A group of people was sailing on a private ship near the shores of British Colombia. Soon the crew saw a mammal suffering next to the shore. It was a 20-foot orca.

Fortunately, these people were kind and decided to help the whale. The captain anchored his ship to help the poor animal.

But it was not as simple as it may seem. People could use pomps to pour water on the poor orca. It was the only desperate option to keep the whale alive.

The crew called for help and informed the coast guard about the situation. Soon, another group of people joined the crew and kept on the act of pouring buckets of water on the mammal.

Thankfully, after 6 hours of intensive work, the team of Good Samaritans succeeded, and the orca was able to free itself.

A couple of people captured this view, and all the videos were rapidly spread all over the Internet.

According to the ship’s captain, the whale was crying all the time.

Afterward, experts tried to understand how could a whale be found on the shore. Some claimed that the earthquake in Alaska caused the incident. However, it didn’t inspire faith.

Most importantly, the orca could return to its life thanks to a group of kindhearted people!

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