Nice guy from Sri Lanka rescues helpless sea turtles from unnecessary suffering and even death

A nice guy from Sri Lanka known as Chika Boy helps poor turtles to stay alive without any profit. He helps to dispose of a burden that can harm turtles’ life. This person can’t stay indifferent to the animals in need.

This time he gets rid of barnacles from turtles’ shells.

Barnacles are creatures that stick on solid places as stones and rocks.

Sometimes they can fix themselves on a turtle shell. It’s not a problem if a barnacle or two stick on a turtle shell but if there are lots of them, the turtle may get bad eyesight, a burden, that won’t let the animal move and eventually live.

As the wildlife enthusiast says the damaged turtle may move slower than usual and have difficulties in search of food.

Moreover, if the barnacles are attached to the mouth of the turtle, it won’t be able to properly eat, if they are on the eyes, it can’t see and cause other disabilities.

This is why Chika Boy shows us how to remove the burden from the turtle’s shell in his YouTube video. He uses a special tool and accurately removes the unpleasant guests from the turtle. In the end, he releases the animal back to the ocean.

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