Lucky people having up-close encounter with Migaloo – the only white humpback whale in the world

We accept nature with its varieties because we – humans are a part of it and can’t live separately. But sometimes nature surprises us with its exceptions.

In this case, nature ‘painted’ a humpback whale with white color. Yes, a whale named Migaloo is an extremely rare whale because of its unusual color.

Actually, this mammal is the only known white-colored humpback whale in the world. Now imagine you are so lucky to see him!
In fact, some people really got lucky and captured the whale while sailing a boat near Sydney, Australia. This is one chance from a million to see Migaloo in the ocean!

The first time this giant was captured was in 1991. Since then, the whale has earned a legendary reputation. Now this wonderful whale is 31 years old. As scientists say, this breed can live up to 80 years.

Let us also mention that Migaloo received its name after the Aboriginal word for ‘white man.’

Yet, nobody knows what’s the real reason for the mammal’s white color. Maybe he has leucism or he is a true albino.
Agree, not every day we can see a legendary animal! Let us be more attentive, and maybe one day we will also get lucky!

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