A hungry dog and her emaciated newborns are rescued just in time

When saving many animals, time is crucial. It’s good when rescuers have a chance to save newborn puppies. The first few weeks of a puppy’s life are crucial. And good nutrition is essential for their well-being and growth.

One abandoned dog gave birth on the street. The people who discovered her understood that they needed to act quickly to save the whole family. After the birth of a litter of six puppies, the mother dog was completely exhausted. She didn’t have the strength to take care of her newborns.

Unfortunately, two of these puppies did not survive. Rescuers were going to make sure that the rest escaped this tragic fate.

Poor mom didn’t trust her rescuers

It was not easy to help the dog. The frightened and exhausted dog showed signs of aggression towards rescuers.

Abandoned dogs often show aggressiveness due to fear and anxiety through no fault of their own. This traumatized mom pounced on the rescuers when they were rescuing the puppies. Rescuers felt her fear and knew that she did not trust strangers.

In the end, they took the whole family off the street.

After the rescuers provided the mother dog with proper food and water. She regained her strength. Then she was able to give her puppies the milk they desperately needed. During the first four weeks, mother’s milk is the only thing that puppies receive.

Having received enough food to fill their tummies, the puppies, previously unable to take care of themselves, eventually gained weight. Soon they opened their eyes for the first time. Mom-dog remained «nervous», but felt much better.

If rescuers had reached these dogs much later, who knows how many puppies would have survived. Not to mention the fact that life on the street is hard for an adult dog. This mom was probably starving even before she gave birth to a litter.

Watch the video story about the rescue and transformation of this family

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